IT Service – Android development prerequisites

A noob freelance friend ask me :

Jeremy, what are the minimum android development prerequistes for a mission in the customer entreprise to develop as soon as possible in the perfect conditions ?

So that’s the answer 😉

Requirements expression

Of course for beiing prepared for your IT service, you need to know what are the need of the customer. Avoid to arriving at the customer in freestyle mode.

Work environment

  • Workstation
    • Computer
      • Computer hardware
        • CPU with 2 cores of 2,80Ghz
        • 4Go of RAM
      • Computer software
        • Linux (with a GUI) or Windows
        • Oracle JRE and JDK
        • Android Studio
        • Web browser
        • Version control system interpretor
    • Rights
      • OS credentials
      • Internet access
  • Android development device (faster than emulator) with its USB cable and charger
    • Device hardware
      • Device corresponding to the production environment (Brand, model…)
    • Device software
      • Android version corresponding to the production environment
    • Rooted device
  • Project assets
    • Documentation
    • App certificate (if public app on google store)
    • Version control system credentials

Now it’s time to work !

PS : I forgot something ? Don’t hesitate to comment here !